Not all anesthetics require preparation. Local anesthetics (freezing) do not require anything special - come as you are. For Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) no food or drink for 3 hours prior to administration. Although most patients are not affected for long after Nitrous Oxide gas, the combination of the gas and surgery can affect your judgment and coordination. We therefore recommend that you have someone drive you home.

Intravenous Sedation and General Anesthesia (asleep) absolutely requires an empty stomach from midnight the night before. This includes liquids such as coffee and tea. We encourage patients to drink clear fluids (WATER ONLY!) up to 3 hours before there appointment time to stay hydrated. Food in the stomach may result in vomiting and subsequent lung infections during the anesthetic. This is a very serious emergency and can be fatal. 

If you usually take medications in the morning do so with only a sip of water. You will also need to be accompanied by a responsible adult who can take you home. Please wear loose fitting clothing for your comfort. A tee-shirt is ideal as it allows us to place the blood pressure cuff and ECG leads easily. For young children please bring a spare change of clothing. 

After your anesthetic you will likely experience sleepiness, disorientation and an impaired memory. You may also feel nauseated. Be prepared to spend the rest of the day recovering quietly. Avoid driving or engaging in activities that may put you or others at risk until the next day.

Click the frequently asked questions link, to learn more about undergoing a sedation and/or anesthetic.

If you have any questions please call the office. Your well being is our primary concern and we will reschedule your surgery if circumstances arise or conditions exist that compromise your safety.

REMINDER: The province of Ontario now requires patients to show ID (such as a Health Card) in order to get prescription pain medication. This same ID is necessary to pick up your prescription from the pharmacy.