As Dr. Jonathan Campbell is as specialist we follow the fee guide for Dental Anesthesiologist when treatment is completed by him. This is not the same fee guide that your regular Dentist uses which means the fees we charge could be more or less than what you Dentst would charge. Please feel free to discuss our fees or your payment with the doctor or staff. 

Dental Insurance Plans

Although we try to make the payment of your bill as easy and painless as possible, we still ask for payment at the time the service is rendered. We are able to submit claims directly to your insurance company on your behalf provided you have all of your insurance information with you. Your dental insurance is a contract between you and your insurance carrier. Your dental bill is a matter between you and your surgeon. Different plans reimburse at different rates - we cannot tell you ahead of time how much of your bill will be covered by your insurance. However, we will be pleased to provide a 'predetermination' form with the billing codes detailing your proposed treatment or submit the predetermination electronically if you prefer. 


For those services that have been predetermined we may be able to offer assignment, please speak to our office manager.

Payment Plans

We realize that dental treatment can be expensive and not everyone has full insurance coverage. We can usually work out a payment plan with you. Please speak with our office manager. 

Payment of Accounts

We accept cash, debit, or credit cards. 

Your Health Card

Your Health Card does not cover the cost of any office procedures. Your Health Card does not cover the removal of impacted teeth in hospital unless there is a serious medical condition requiring hospital admission.